WINTER kick-off meeting was held on 12th July

WINTER kick-off meeting was held on 12th July

WINTER kick-off meeting was held on 12th July at CERTH!

WINTER project is coordinated by CERTH (Εθνικό Κέντρο Έρευνας και Τεχνολογικής Ανάπτυξης), with partners from Germany (DMT – Technische Hochschule Georg Agricola), and Poland (Poltegor-Instytut). Connect with us on LinkedIn ( and Twitter ( for the latest news and activities!

We would like to thank all the participants and our Project Officer Vasiliki Kosiavelou for the insightful conversations on the project!

Nikos Koukouzas, Konstantina Pyrgaki, Theodoros Zarogiannis, Krassakis Pavlos, Andreas Karavias, Eva Zygouri, Lukas Kasperidus, Stefan Möllerherm and Barbara Rogosz.

What is WINTER

WINTER is an RFCS Accompanying Measure that aims to develop a web interactive platform for the management of coal regions in transition to provide guidance and facilitate stakeholder engagement.

The best practices will be identified by exchanging information and knowledge regarding the main transition challenges in each of the pilot regions (Western Macedonia, Ruhr area and Konin area) representing different stages of the transition process (initial stage for Western Macedonia and Konin area and mature stage for Ruhr area).

The potential users of the web management tool (coal industry and stakeholders involved in the environmental management of such sites, research organizations, energy sector, socioeconomic organizations, policy makers, public health organizations, local authorities and environmental legislation consultants.) will be identified and familiarized with the platform with main aim to enhance the available information that is required to improve the current transition plans for the pilot regions being at an initial stage (Western Macedonia and Konin area).

The produced web management tool will be designed properly in order to can be easily used by the local authorities and coal sector stakeholders as well as to be extended to other areas facing similar issues.

Photos from the kick-off meeting

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