WP1: Project Management

D1.1. Comprehensive overview of the project

D1.2 Mid-term Implementation Report

D1.3 Final Report

WP2: Environmental challenges of coal regions in transition and land rehabilitation solutions

D2.1. BAT guide for land rehabilitation and reclamation

D2.2. Legal guide for land rehabilitation and reclamation

D2.3. Report on spatiotemporal evaluation and transition scenarios for the coal mining regions

Part 1 – Spatiotemporal Evaluation

WP3: Socioeconomic and management aspects of coal regions in transition

D3.1. Report of an ideal-type governance and management structures for transition regions

D3.2. Database of socioeconomic parameters

D3.3. Report on the media analyses

D3.4. Report on the social acceptance and community participation

D3.5. Transition management handbook

WP4: Web interactive tool to address environmental and socioeconomic challenges

D4.1. Production of interactive material

D4.2. Web interactive platform

WP5: Dissemination and stakeholder involvement

D5.1. Documentation of training workshops

D5.2. Project webpage

D5.3. A set of three presentations at relevant European conferences

D5.4. Final conference to show WINTER’s developments and results